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    Sick Procrastination


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    Sick Procrastination Empty Sick Procrastination

    Post by Iceh

    Yesterday around 8:00pm I started to get a sore throat.
    And what do you know, today I'm dizzy, I have a super sore throat, and I feel like crap, in general.
    I also didn't go to school. And it's only the third day back. D:(
    I'm so bad.
    But instead I had a shower. Which felt nice.
    Also, did I mention that it's allergy season? So basically ontop of being sick I sneeze like every 2 seconds if I smell something even remotely different then oxygen. Sneezing also really hurts my throat.
    Hopefully I'll get better by tommorow, but that's asking a little bit too much.
    I also probably won't go on the computer too much either.
    I hate going on the computer when I'm sick.
    I usually just watch movies.
    Which reminds me, I watched Bride Wars just a couple of hours ago.
    It was .. bad.
    I mean, it was ok for your average chick-flick, but nothing special.
    I expected that much of it.
    Thing is though, when I'm sick, I get extra emotional. It's easier to make me cry.
    So I ended up crying at the end of the super predictable movie.
    OMG SPOILERS BUT*** Emma marries Liv's brother, holy shit*** Don't ask me how I remember their names, or how I even remember what the movie was about. But yeah.
    It was O.K.
    Enough about that.
    I've been procrastinating.
    About drawing.
    But now I have a good excuse not to draw.
    Because I'm sick. Sick Procrastination 961146
    But now I really want to draw.
    Everyone that "requested" on funpiece.. Yeah, I've gotten all of the pencil drawings done for them.. I just want to finish them off on the computer.
    But shiiiiiiite, I have other people from youtube and yahoo that I promised I would draw them a couple of things... I basically haven't even started ANY of those. And they asked for them like a month ago now. =+=
    Well yeah, I'm also procrastinating on other things too.
    I just forgot at the moment.
    Because I'm sick.
    And I'm stupid when I'm sick.
    I hate being sick.

    I can't even talk by the way. )=
    I love talking.
    Geez.. now I really have nothing else to say, so yeah!
    That's it for now...
    Stay tuned on my deviant.
    As I will be posting a lot of shit on it soon.
    Also, if you want to request something. Now would be the time. Once I get off of me sickz, I'll be drawing a ton.

    PSPSPSPS. I look nothing like my ID incase you're curious.

    EDIT. I remember the other thing that I'm procrastinating about. It's that I STILL haven't done the Fan Expo coverage. -sigh-. I'm getting to it though.

    I'm the admin, hellz yeah.
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    Post on Thu Sep 10, 2009 3:26 pm by Kira

    Haha, I should call you to make you talk.

    Post on Thu Sep 10, 2009 5:32 pm by Caboose

    Aww I hope you get well soon. ^^

    Post on Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:40 am by Iceh



    And, I'm almost all better now. :3

    Post on Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:02 pm by Kira

    Yeah, you just gave it to me >: l

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