Got any friends from other communities, or in real life that would be interested in a Bleach forum? Feel free to invite them over to Shinigami Cup! That would be the best thing you could do right now to help the growth of the forums. It would be greatly apppreciated, thanks. :)


    Sengoku Fukkatsu
    Sengoku Fukkatsu

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    Post by Sengoku Fukkatsu on Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:17 pm

    I'm Sengoku Fukatsu. Those from Fun Piece will know me as Nine.

    I'm a Bleach fan, but I'm pretty laid back as one. So as long as you don't go bashing it around with baseless reasoning, I'll be fine.

    My posting is sporadic, so at times I'll be active, semi-active, idling, lurking, or just not around.

    Hopefully I'll be able to stay with no problems.

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    Hello. Empty Re: Hello.

    Post by Iceh on Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:21 pm

    Awesome! Welcome to the forums!

    ~Please try to come back regularly. Thanks. :D

    I'm the admin, hellz yeah.

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