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    Watch as I ramble abut manga I read today


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    Watch as I ramble abut manga I read today Empty Watch as I ramble abut manga I read today

    Post by Kira

    Okay so today I bought two manga.
    Volume 1 of Gintama.
    Volume 2 of Black Cat.
    And I read High school Debut Volume 10 because Iceh lent it to me.
    ...And I also read 2 volumes of Eyeshield 21 that I've read before which is the reason I'm online at 1a.m.

    (The following paragraph is for Iceh since nobody else here reads High School Debut... I think.)

    Okay seriously, I think Haruna's jealous of anything that moves close to Yoh. I mean if she's jealous that Yoh was smiling at that troll he was with, she has major issues.
    Also, I'm calling that Asaoka tries to rape Haruna in the future. When it happens, don't say I didn't say it would.
    "Was...Yoh smiling?"
    Yes he was fucking smiling, who gives a shit? Do you want him to only be happy around you, you selfish (awesome) bitch?
    I love Haruna but that just pissed me off
    So yeah.

    Gintama, not really spoilers.
    Gintama was funny and awesome, because they kept making references to the point that they're in a manga.
    I'll buy volume Two next time I'm out.

    Black Cat, I've read before so I know what happens.

    Eyeshield 21 was still fucking amazing and you should all watch/read/snort it. Seriously, it's very close to becoming my favorite manga (other then Bleach and One piece.)
    Hell, it's in the top three, I know that for sure.
    For those curious, this is my list:

    2.One piece
    3.Eyeshield 21 (But if things don't get more interesting in One piece I may move Eyeshield 21 to number 2)
    4. Cowboy bebop
    5.Deadman Wonderland (I can't wait until the manga comes out in Canada in Jan/Feb. eeeeeeeee<3)
    6. High school Debut (eh, I can't really remember what I like right now xDDD)

    Eh, yeah. My Top Six. Woo~

    Im tired, xD.

    Watch as I ramble abut manga I read today Derp-1
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    Post on Thu Sep 03, 2009 10:58 am by Iceh

    Yeeeeeeeeeeee Watch as I ramble abut manga I read today 111431
    I get you into great manga. ;D
    Bleach and Eyeshield 21.. now taking over One Piece. Hurr Hurr Hurrrrrr.
    My top list is basically like yours..
    1. Bleach
    2. Eyeshield 21
    3. Claymore
    4. High School Debut

    Good stuff thooooooooose are.
    I probably forgot a whole bunch just now, but whatever.

    Also, you probably could've/should've put this in your blog.. but I guess this may start a discussion.. so whatever betch.

    Yeah, Haruna being jeleous of that girl.. =+=
    She's a retard.
    But I guess I'd feel kind of insecure with such a hot boyfriend too.
    But.. THAT GIRL.
    She's so freakin' ugly.. there's nothing to worry about. XDDD

    Post on Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:50 pm by Kira

    I know I just moved it, teehee.

    I can pretty much predict the next HSD volume.
    "Yoh do you like her"
    "what ew no" (not like that but you get the drift)

    Did your Eyeshield 21 come in yet? Watch as I ramble abut manga I read today 961146

    Post on Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:59 pm by Iceh

    Don't bother me about that.
    Our mall sucks, and it makes me cry, alone, at night, in bed.
    Butttttttt you never know with HSD.
    I wonder what the creeper girl wants to do with Yoh..? @~@
    Maybe I'm just like Haruna though.. and I'm a dipshiiiiit. XDD

    Post on Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:00 pm by Kira

    She'll probably make a shrine to Yoh. I bet a million other girls already did. : l

    Post on Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:09 pm by Iceh

    I know I have. Watch as I ramble abut manga I read today 111431

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