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    iscribble and tatouji are awesome...


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    iscribble and tatouji are awesome... Empty iscribble and tatouji are awesome...

    Post by Iceh on Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:53 am

    I guess maybe I could've put this into my blog.. but yesterday was such a blur.
    So yeah, iscribble is awesome, and if there are any artists out there, totally join it.
    If you have any troubles, ask me or Kira, we're self-proclaimed EXPERTS.
    iscribble and tatouji are awesome... 961146
    Also, ever heard of Tatouji on deviantart?
    Totally check out her stuff.
    She just did her first livestream and it was hilarious and awesome.
    She drew Utena from start to finish. As in, she had a blank piece of paper, drew it, outlined it, colored it... while taking questions from us and talking to us.
    It was pretty sweet.
    And awesome.
    We talked about furries, sex, yaoi/yuri, and many-a-lol-time.

    So here are the links to the twooooooo awesome things: (<- It's on the page to join up. *w*)

    I'm the admin, hellz yeah.

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